What we offer students is aimed particularly at those studying at (technical) colleges, academies and universities in the fields of art, design and architecture as well as associated pedagogical training. Depending on the exhibition, however, many other subjects can be related to, such as, for example, natural sciences, literature or foreign languages. We are determined to intensify the experience of the works exhibited through thoughtful engagement and discussions with artists, curators or scientists from different fields. We will be happy to develop further options, such as seminars during which intensive work on site at the Kunsthaus would be productive. We look forward to discussing this with you!


If you are interested in what we have to offer please phone (+41) 61 563 15 10 or email us. We will be delighted to take your booking and are of course available to answer your questions.

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Contact: Meret Glausen, on Tuesday and Friday, 9 am–5 pm
Our team is available to answer questions or take bookings from Tuesday–Friday from 9 am–5 pm.

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Standard Mediation

Guided tours for students

Bookable Tue–Fri
By arrangement
Start from
8:30 am possible

A dialogical tour through the exhibition provides information about the works and artists.

Duration: 15 min.
Cost: 30 CHF + entrance fees

Duration: 1h
Cost: 100 CHF + entrance fees

​Introductions to the exhibitions

We offer the format of a short, informed introduction to a given exhibition at the Kunsthaus Baselland. The introduction should serve as a starting position, giving students a point of entry into the exhibition and providing them with themes they can discuss themselves.

CHF 50 for study groups from outside the Canton


Hochschultage offer an opportunity for students and teachers from outside the Canton to visit the Kunsthaus Baselland for free to take a focussed look at the ongoing exhibition. For a fee a short introduction or tours can be booked with our experienced mediation team or, by prior arrangement, with the curator.


By arrangement
60 minutes

Insight is a format through which students can, by arrangement, book an approximately hour-long talk with the curator or artist of an exhibition. These discussions offer the possibility of gaining more background knowledge about a particular exhibition or equally investigating specific questions about how exhibitions are made or how an artist works. The price depends on the group size and the length of the event.