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The Kunsthaus Baselland on the Dreispitz
For many years the Kunsthaus Baselland has successfully promoted and mediated contemporary art from the region – always doing so in dialogue with national and international artists.

There is great potential and lots more to come. Yet the art world is changing rapidly and the demands placed on art institutions grow. Cooperation and links with other institutions become increasingly important in order to best utilise synergies.

A new district is being created on the Dreispitz, the Christoph Merian Foundation’s large, cross-cantonal site – an open, curious and lively one. The Kunsthaus Baselland wants to avail of this development and decisively contribute to its success.

Dreispitz_1.jpgBuchner Bründler Architects, Project TANGRAM

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Building application submitted

Press release November 11, 2020:
Building application for the new Kunsthaus Baselland at the Dreispitz submitted

The Kunsthaus Baselland Foundation and the Kunstverein Baselland have submitted a building application for the new Kunsthaus Baselland at the Dreispitz. The building’s completion is scheduled for early summer 2023. While base financing is secured, further donations are needed for exhibition infrastructure inter alia. The new Kunsthaus Baselland meets the most modern in museum presentation requirements for comtemporary art and aims to play an important role in the up and coming Dreispitz area with its many other cultural institutions.

The full-length press release you'll find here.

Why the Dreispitz

The new Kunsthaus Baselland on the Dreispitz will
  • bring regional contemporary art into creative, inspiring surroundings
  • effectively place it within an appealing dialogue with national and international artists
  • and make it clearly visible and directly accessible.

Thanks to the open situation on the Dreispitz, artists gain new possibilities. Exhibiting in the dynamic, creative Dreispitz environment will be particularly attractive for international artists too.

Various new cooperations with other institutions and cultural organisations on site will allow us to optimally tap the potential of creative synergies.

“Young artists from the Basel region should be able to develop their art and enable it to take effect in society. The Dreispitz is the ideal place for this.”

Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland

The Renovation Project

In competition the renovation project proposed by Buchner Bründler architects was seen to offer an ideal solution for the new Kunsthaus Baselland:
  • high functionality without luxury
  • significant design originality
  • retaining the building substance and the characteristics of the existing warehouse
  • precise and contemporary implementation
  • and measured costs
The renovation project optimally achieves key functions:
  • highly variable exhibition spaces offering great flexibility
  • bright, potentially interlinking spaces for suitable artwork presentation
  • can be used year round
  • wheelchair accessible
  • library and spaces for a multi-faceted mediation programme and various events
  • efficient processes for installation and de-installation of works for exhibitions
  • space for storage and administration
  • open architecture allowing simple links with the immediate surroundings, particularly the neighbouring (art) institutions
  • improved visibility

“The Kunsthaus Baselland on the Dreispitz is a huge opportunity for Basel as a cultural region. It sends a powerful signal about supporting artists.”

Marina Meijer-von Tscharner, President of the Kunstverein Baselland


Buchner Bründler Architects, Project TANGRAM

Uses and square metres

The new Dreispitz Kunsthaus Baselland enables a wide range of activities:

For artists:
  • ideal conditions for the creation and exhibition of their works
  • better perception of the part they play in the region and internationally
For the public:
  • easily accessible
  • few barriers to hinder an encounter with contemporary art
  • many possibilities for experiences and dialogue
For educational establishments:
  • optimal conditions for art education
For the institution:
  • promoting art becomes easier and exhibition conditions are improved

Implementation risks
The first five years’ operational costs have been budgeted.

mid 2017: Acquisition of plot
end 2019: Finance secured
2020: start of Building application; authorisation followed by start of construction

During renovation the Kunsthaus Baselland operation will continue in its current location on St. Jakob-Strasse.

square metres
2,600m² Gross surface area
1,400m² Exhibition and working area
830m² Mediation, foyer and storage
370m² Delivery and ancillary rooms

“The Kunsthaus Baselland cultivates an exhibition programme that is relevant internationally and beyond the region. But it always considers regional art developments too. This alliance offers a great opportunity for regional artists. Suddenly they are positioned among and in dialogue with internationally renowned artists.”

Monica Gschwind, Canton-Baselland Parliamentarian


Buchner Bründler Architects, Project TANGRAM

Your support is important!

The foundations are laid for the new Kunsthaus Baselland on the Dreispitz. With your support it can become reality.

With your financial contribution you will play an active part in the successful ongoing development of regional art activity. Every donation goes directly to the Dreispitz project and, thus, directly to supporting artists from our region.

Become a donor and experience all that there is to discover together with our artists. Contemporary art is a part of our (regional) identity. Let us continue the success story of the new Kunsthaus Baselland on the Dreispitz together! Help talented artists from the region find opportunities in inspiring surroundings and help make contemporary art a visible and tangible part of everyone’s quotidian.

Donations to the Kunsthaus Baselland are tax-exempt and can be spread over several years.

There are numerous possibilities to get to know the project better and to see it on site. We are always available for a personal conversation and to present the project.

Marina Meijer-von Tscharner
President Kunstverein Baselland

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Zahlbar an:
Stiftung Kunsthaus Baselland
St. Jakob Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz

Patronage Committee for the new Kunsthaus in Dreispitz

Anthony Vischer, businessman, former president of Kunstverein Baselland, president of the patronage committee

Frédéric Bodin, president of Foundation Boubo-Music, doctor, art collector, board member of Fonds régionaux d'art contemporain

Peter Buss, CEO NonProcons

Emanuel Christ, architect

Manuela Eichenberger, pharmacist, former president of Kunstverein Baselland

Catherine Hosang-Gobet, vice president of the Foundation for the Kunstmuseum Basel

Maria Iselin, lawyer, member of the commission for the patronage committee

Claude Janiak, former member of the council of states BL

Tom Koechlin, architect, member of the board of trustees of the Kunsthaus Baselland Foundation

Heinz Lerf, president of the cantonal parliament BL

Jeanne Locher-Polier, mayor of Münchenstein

Paola Maranta, architect

Marina Meijer-von Tscharner, president of Kunstverein Baselland

Dominique Mollet, businessman

Paul Nyffeler, former member of the cantonal government and former president of BLKB

Stefan Puttaert, CEO Nicola Erni Collection

René Rhinow, former member of the council of states BL

Saskia Schenker, president of the Arbeitgeberverband BS

John Schmid, Kloster Schönthal Foundation

Barbara Schneider, former member of the government of Basel-Stadt

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, national councillor BL, president of the Handelskammer beider Basel

Franziska Stadelmann-Meyer, president of the municipality of Muttenz

Diego Stampa, gallerist

Felix Uhlmann, president of the art commission of the Kunstmuseum Basel

Stefan von Bartha, gallerist

Hortensia von Roda, art historian

Stephan Werthmüller, partner at HWH Business, Sports, Culture

Fredi Zwahlen, businessman

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