Bruno Jakob


The extensive catalog on the work of Bruno Jakob, published on the occasion of the artist’s solo show at Kunsthaus Baselland, provides for the first time an overview of his work from the late 1960s to the present day. The essays and texts have been penned by over 20 authors, including fellow artists, curators, institute directors and others close to the artist and who have followed his work. Alongside art-historical contextualization and reference to such topics as music and film, they offer above all also personal memories and first-hand depictions and relate the development of this unique oeuvre. In addition to the multi-layered work of the Swiss artist, who has lived in New York since 1980, the catalog also focuses on his numerous exhibitions and performances in Switzerland and abroad. Aside from the well-grounded essays, the publication features extensive blocks of drawings offering an insight into Bruno Jakob’s still little-known illustrative work. The drawings are complemented by installation views from the exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland and a representative compilation of documentary photos from four decades. With its 400 pages, this catalog is an important compendium enabling readers to gain an understanding of the life and work of this exceptional Swiss artist.

texts by: Susanne Bieri, Bruno Botella, Chris Bünter, Bice Curiger, die nomadisierenden veranstalter, Silvia Buol, Simon Baur, Fanni Fetzer, Christian Fluri, Ines Goldbach, Vinzenz Hediger, Thomas Huber, Gianni Jetzer, Roman Kurzmeyer, Heidy Lambelet, Marlene McCarty, Niggi Messerli, Donald Moffett, Claudia Müller, Sabine Rusterholz-Petko, Beat Wismer, Hans Witschi, Eveline Wüthrich.

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Bruno Jakob, Cover, 2016
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    Ines Goldbach
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    Ines Goldbach, Patricia Hug, Bruno Jakob, Georg Rutishauser
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    Georg Rutishauser

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    Edition Fink

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