Who am I? A mediation project by LLAD


In cooperation with the master's program Learning Lab Arts and Design led by Prof. Beate Florenz, students of HGK FHNW have developed the mediation project «Wer bin ich?» (Who am I?) inspired by the video work «Boca de Tabla» by Mexican artist Teresa Serrano. It enables both on-site and digital exploratory and inclusive interaction in and with the exhibition. The sensually activating mediation offer arouses curiosity, encourages inquiry and action, and entices reflective moments. Between space, body and art, references to the outside world and to the self are created. By Camila Fernanda Lucero Allegri, Jana Selina Marti, Kim Kellermann, Daniel Gregor and Samira Agha Majidi.

First, take your time to watch the video work «Boca de tabla» by Mexican artist Teresa Serrano. Then listen to the first audio and write your own reaction as an e-mail to us or enter it directly on the pinboard below!

We are curious to hear what you will ask - what answers will arise and what new things will come up. On the basis of your questions, we developed a second audio contribution that takes another work in the exhibition into account.

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