Swiss Performance Art Award 2023

Saturday, 23.9.
11 am

11 am
Welcoming and introduction:
Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland
Kathrin Schweizer, Member of the Government, Canton of Basel-Landschaft
Fredy Bünter, Deputy Head of Cultural Promotion, Canton of Basel-Landschaft

11.15 am
Begin of the performances
Moderation: Danielle Bürgin

11.15 am–5 pm
Neda Razavipour, Antifragility
Anne Rochat, Humus

11.15–11.55 am
Martina-Sofie Wildberger, UN ON
Shedhalle 2

12–12.45 pm
Cecilia Moya Rivera, La Fiesta de la Reparación
Shedhalle 1

12.50–1.30 pm
Joseph Baan & Luc Häfliger, BIOWn
Shedhalle 2–3

1.30–2.30 pm
Lunch break

2.30–4 pm
Tiran Willemse, blackmilk
Shedhalle 2

4–4.30 pm

4.30–5 pm
marc norbert hörler, for heat and fervor
Shedhalle 2

All-day catering at Kunsthaus Baselland.

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