Bianca Pedrina



Bianca Pedrina’s photography collection started some time ago and shows her engagig with her built environment and urbanity in different locations. She only rarely turns her attention to prestigious buildings. And if she does, then mostly to their details. With her photographies she tells no stories, nor does she glorifies or criticise. Instead she draws our gaze to what lies at the periphery, almost hidden and yet visible to the person through the present with gaze attuned.
The publication was published on occasion of Bianca Pedrina’s exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland and is accompanied by the texts Architecture–Gaze–Body by Salome Bessenich, Attending to Detaily by Ines Goldbach.

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Bianca Pedrina Architekturfotografie P 2016
  • Editor
    Ines Goldbach, Kunsthaus Baselland
  • Graphic Design

    Astrid Seme

  • Publisher

  • Year
  • 12 × 27 cm, 64 Seiten, Deutsch und Englisch, Auflage: 500
  • ISBN
    ISBN 978-3-9524292-9-7
  • Price
    CHF 10